We believe it is our 21 years experience and our on-going research, working with various client groups, tailoring our sessions to meet our client's needs that thirsts our knowledge to keep on providing our excellent service.

Upcoming Training Dates

Our upcoming training days are announced 8 weeks prior to their scheduled date:


East coast Sussex College Hastings


Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Selby Venue TBC


Tuesday, 14 January 2020


Manchester Venue TBC


Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Reading Venue TBC


Tuesday, 17 March 2020
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Motivation & Co. Training

We believe it is our 21 years experience and our on-going research, working with various client groups, tailoring our sessions to meet our client's needs that thirsts our knowledge to keep on providing our excellent service.

Our own Motivational Therapists that deliver the Motivation & Co. Classes everyday have on-going training focusing on techniques & developments in dementia care, cognitive therapy and the Motivation & Co. Stimulation techniques. It was with this in mind that we developed a package where everybody could benefit from our experience and expertise.

Activity Training Day Workshops

In 2010 we worked really hard with OCN developing new packages and becoming a registered training centre so we can now offer our knowledge and spread the word of ‘motivation’ to others working in the same field. We believe we are all working to achieve the same goals within our sector, to provide our clients with the best cognitive, stimulation and motivation as possible.

The launch of our Pilot ‘Activity training day workshops’ proved really successful and created a real buzz of enthusiasm which was then taken back to the workplace and put to good use. The feedback from these sessions has shown us a great need for more of our Activities training sessions and ideas within the homes.

Keep informed of upcoming training days

If you would like any further information please contact our Head Office via telephone 01937 557166 or email us via our Contact page.

Our training days have included our Activity Training workshops for the activity organisers and managing staff in our care homes providing basic Dementia training and the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other activity co-ordinators within the industry.


Testimonials from our training days

Stephen Moss- Barchester (Attended the York training day)

"Hi Stephen here, big thank you for the information spread sheets and I would like to say how impressed I was with your staff with regards to the presentation workshop. I have been on many courses over the last 12 years including The Alzheimer’s Society Yesterday Today & Tomorrow over 10 years ago and although the workshop covered some of what I have done before, it was an excellent refresher course and it included new ideas with regards to activities and enhancing our residents daily living experience.Once again, thank you!"

Anonomous - Hull training day 

"I most enjoyed the group chats and learning from the other members in the group too." 

"I really benefitted from the exercise part of the session" 

"I most enjoyed learning about different activities. I enjoyed the whole day and found all of the subjects were fully covered" 

"I am new to this role, so it is all a huge learning curve for me, but I enjoyed all the subjects involved. I felt everything was covered fully." 

Anonomous testimonials from the York Training Day- 

What sessions did you most enjoy?

"It was a good refresher on what Dementia is. It was also a good idea for activities & resources, especially as residents abilities decrease" 

"All the tasks in between and discussing ideas"

"The exercises and the benefits off" 

"All- the videos were great to hear what it is like for some people at different stages of dementia" 

What subjects/sessions did you most learn from? 

"The experience of suffering with dementia and how to help individuals"

What have you been most able to apply? 

"All the subjects will/are relevant to my job role"

"Ideas for tasks & discussing dementia" 

"I enjoyed it all" 

"Great to get ideas from other people in the same role in different companies. Great to see and hear different ideas too. I really enjoyed it all" 

In Hindsight would you still have wished to attend the course? 

100% Yes from all courses 

Training Videos

Leeds Training Day

A short clip demonstrating our training sessions at a recent training day in Leeds.

Date uploaded: Sunday, 23 April 2017

Training Testimonial

A testimonial from an attendee at a recent training day.

Date uploaded: Sunday, 23 April 2017
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