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"The company Motivation & Co. started in 2001, covering than 50 residential homes and running more than 100 classes. Most classes are carried out between 10.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday."

"Research has demonstrated that gentle exercise and stimulation can have dramatic effects on people aged between 70 and 90. It can increase strength and appetite, improve general health as well as increasing memory and self esteem."

"To provide these classes was a perfect choice for us, as we wanted to provide a service that was based on people. Our classes show that people matter and we should focus more on the elderly and not ignore getting older."

"Motivation & Co. East Sussex currently provides this service, on a regular basis to Homes and Day Care Centres in the East Sussex area. If you would like to see this service in your care home, we start off with a demonstration class which is at a discounted rate. The purpose of the demonstration class allows you to view the class, meet us and see for yourselves the response we get from your residents. If you would like more information, please call 01937 557166."

About Motivation & Co. Kent & East Sussex

Motivation & Co. Kent & East Sussex provides specialist recreation and motivation classes for the elderly. Our classes are carried out in Nursing and Residential Homes and have been designed to help residents maintain or improve their emotional and physical well-being.

The benefits to the Care Home are that you are working in partnership with a National Award winning UK company with a proven track record of success, supported by committed and trained Therapists who are fully engaged in our company ethos through continuous training and development.

The Motivation & Co. Class

The Motivation & Co. Service is a series of programmes delivering mental stimulation, exercises and games all of which have been designed and developed by the company with meaning, purpose and tools to evaluate.

The Motivation & Co. Class is split into 4 sections: Mental Stimulation, Chair based exercises, Game section and Music therapy, it is this format that has been researched and proven to work.

All 4 sections are delivered over an hour so each section is short sharp and sweet thus holding the attention and concentration of our client group.

The level in which the Motivation & Co. class is delivered, is set tailored to each groups ability, and the aim of each Motivation & Co. class is to stimulate and motivate residents at varying levels within our target audience both mentally and physically.

Our experience and expertise in cognitive stimulation has allowed us to develop evidence based programmes which will at varying levels engage a person. 

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What is a taster session?

Trying us out by way of a taster session gives you the opportunity to see what we are about and what wedo and more importantly the effect we have on your residents.

The taster sessions are always the same theme (colour) as with this theme, we can quickly adjust dependant on the abilities of your clients without them knowing that we are raising or lowering the delivery level.

All the Motivation & Co. Class materials are specifically designed and produced by the company making it unique to us. Motivation & Co. is fully researched, evidence based and a national Award winning UK company.

What happens after your taster session?

Following the taster session we leave you a couple of days to digest and get feedback from staff and residents to evaluate if this is something you would wish to use on a regular basis. We will contact you to get feedback as you know your residents better than us to see if you had a good response or not.

If you do choose to come on board you will receive a welcome pack and will be booked in either weekly, fortnightly or four weekly same day & time. Each home is different as to how often they have us.

You will also receive an activities task sheet each month form head office via e-mail – these are all evidence based stating what you are working on and made so that they can be implemented without having to go out and buy items to make this activity.

We also hold an activity co-ordinators training day once a year in your area working in partnership with you as part of your team.

We are fully researched by Leeds University and we have developed a Dementia falls prevention programme for the NHS Hertfordshire, we are a registered training centre and all our Motivational Therapists are DBS checked and fully insured.

Our residents are our #1 priority

  • Motivation & Co. have been entertaining our residents for several years. Our residents find it entertaining and it promotes their mobility. The exercises are also chair based so even the less able residents can also participate. Motivation & Co are in an important part of our recreational offering.

    Rahul Chhapwale from Bay House
  • Motivation and Co are one off the best to do armchair exercise and quiz with dementia and residential clients. I thoroughly recommend them as they are friendly and kind with all our residents. They are very patient and caring. They also go out of their way to ensure that everyone can join in.

    Carole Brown
Head Office

Motivation & Co.
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