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  • Motivation & Co. have been entertaining our residents for several years. Our residents find it entertaining and it promotes their mobility. The exercises are also chair based so even the less able residents can also participate. Motivation & Co are in an important part of our recreational offering.

    Rahul Chhapwale from Bay HouseKent & East Sussex
  • Our Day Centre has been enjoying fortnightly Motivation sessions for a few years now. Our members really look forward to the sessions and appreciate the therapists friendly approach, remembering their names and stories, they have built up real rapport. As Activity Coordinator, I know I can rely on Motivation & Co. to deliver a well planned and thoughtful session that gives the members something extra to what we already offer in our varied activities programme. It is also one of the sessions we always mention to prospective members and their families when looking around our centre, showing them pictures of the different team games, sing-a-longs and quizzes Janet brings along each time often impresses them. Highly recommended.

    Kay Tarry from The Trinity Day CentreYork
  • Motivation & Co. comes to our home regularly and is advertised on our monthly newsletter as a regular activity. It is always well attended and enjoyed by all our residents and visitors. They look forward to the weekly sessions of mental and physical activities. Thank you Motivation & Co. team.

    Candyce Brockwell – Manager from The Lavenders Care HomeMid Kent
  • Here at Bowercroft care Ltd, our residents benefit from having Motivation & Co. Our residents enjoy their sessions weekly and look forward to them. Our Motivation & Co. lady Sue Newman is very good and we would recommend to other homes.

    Tina Fennelly from Bowercroft Care LtdMid Kent
  • Our service users thoroughly enjoy the activities provided by Sue Newman at Motivation & Co., polite and friendly service using activities that benefit our service users keeping them stimulated and motivated. Our service users look forward to each visit as no visit is ever repetitive. I would highly recommend Motivation & Co. to all residential homes.

    Jaclyn P from Acorn HouseMid Kent
  • Our residents here at Chestnuts Residential Care Home look forward to the monthly visit from Motivation & Co., Sue Newman encourages all the residents to join in and she interacts really well with the residents. After the class the residents always say how much they have enjoyed the afternoon. I would recommend Motivation & Co. and Sue to any care home.

    Simpson from Chestnuts Residential Care HomeMid Kent
  • We are very happy to have a visit from Motivation and Co every four weeks to provide our residents with their Motivation & Co. class. It really is one of the highlights of our activities program and always gets an extremely popular response from our residents, who eagerly look forward to it each time. We look forward to continuing our association with Motivation & Co. in the future.

    Lee Austin from FairlawnMid Kent
  • We highly recommend Motivation & Co. Our residents look forward to there regular visits and Sarah our instructor encourages everyone to get involved. The sessions are well paced, gentle, inclusive and enjoyable with something for everyone. We are a family run business with two care homes and we have Motivation & Co. regularly visit both.

    Five Gables Residential Care HomeNorth Nottingham
  • Our residents look forward to Motivation visits and enjoy all the sessions. In particular they enjoy the exercises and the singing. Families visiting also participate along with their relatives and have commented how much they gain from the activities.

    The Firs Care Home LtdNorth Nottingham
  • Motivation & Co. visit our day centre for elderly people monthly and have been doing so for a number of years. We find them very reliable and friendly. Our service users get a lot of pleasure and stimulation from their visits and they are always providing different games/activities to ensure our service users gain as much out of their visits as possible. We would have have no hesitation in recommending Motivation & Co.

    Calverton Supreme Day Centre LimitedNorth Nottingham
  • Fantastic, highly recommend this activity for any age group. This really does motivate everyone including visitors and staff. It is always looked forward to by the residents and they always join in. It is not only useful for exercise of the body parts but for exercising the Mind as well. David who visits our community really makes this session his own and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Samantha Birks from Sunrise Senior LivingSouth Birmingham
  • David from Motivation & Co. (and occasionally Geoff when David is on holiday) has been coming into Sunrise Senior Living at Knowle for many years now, the residents enjoy his weekly sessions and I can say that David has the biggest attendance of all the entertainers that we have in at Knowle. He uses a combination of gentle exercise, ball games, quizzes and laughter to motivate the residents, the only thing that is bad is the terrible jokes he tells from time to time, I can thoroughly recommend Motivation & Co. for an hours worth of top entertainment and exercise for the elderly.

    Marilyn Hamilton from Sunrise Senior Living KnowleSouth Birmingham
  • We are a residential home for vulnerable adults. We currently have 14 residents, ages ranging from 28 to 80. They all look forward to the Motivation classes and they all thoroughly enjoy themselves. Every week they participate in different activities,singing and dancing. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

    Catherine Madden from Millwater CareSouth Birmingham
  • Motivation & Co. provide reliable and fun activities for the Park View Day Centre learning disabled clients in Solihull. David creates an instant rappor with the clients and they enjoy his interaction throughout the session. He is very calm and collected which encourages many of our quieter clients to join in the activities.

    Park View Day Centre, SolihullSouth Birmingham
  • Just would like to say how great Motivation & Co are, they have been coming to our home for a number of years now, and our residents fully enjoy the entertainment, David Knowles is the one that comes to our home, and he is very well liked by all residents and staff.

    Samantha Hanks from Sunrise Sesnior Living, SolihullSouth Birmingham
  • The residents here really find David very easy to get along with and will join in the variety of activities he covers in the hour he is with us in each community of assisted living and reminiscence. The variety seems to keep the attention of the residents in both communities and he definitely makes the session fun, adding a few jokes in to keep them amused on the way. David also makes a point of remembering residents names which is important for their self-esteem. As the session is fun they don’t realise that they are still doing physical and mental exercises which is something we endeavour to cover on a daily basis for our residents. I would recommend these session to all care homes as they involve people whatever their abilities and it’s an uplifting hour in their day.

    Pauline Griffiths from Sunrise Senior Living, EdgbastonSouth Birmingham
  • Our residents enjoy Motivation and Co’s visits very much. Participation is very high as Sue encourages everyone so well. Our residents remember Sue’s visits, and staff can feel the sense of well being that lasts for several hours. I am happy to heartily recommend them.

    Anne Turner from Old Raven House Care HotelReading
  • The residents at Abbeyfield in Reading really enjoy their Motivation class with Sue Barlow, she has a very good rapport with them. The classes are well attended and residents enjoy the varied programme.

    Jackie F from Abbeyfield ReadingReading
  • Motivation & Co. is a wonderful activity for our service users. It caters for residents who suffer with dementia as well as residents who suffer with a physical disability or simply just a bit frail. Alison also remembers all the residents names and treats them individually, catering for their individual needs. We generally run a different activity every day and this activity is booked a year in advance and scheduled every 2 weeks. I always recommend this activity it’s brilliant!

    Claire Davidson from Freestones Residential Care HomeSouth Midlands
  • We have used Motivation & Co. classes now for several years and the residents always enjoy the afternoon’s activities. They provide a written summary of the events/activities, it would be worthwhile giving them a try.

    David Bolland from GarlandsLeeds & Wakefield
  • Motivation and Co. have been coming out to Stella House for a few months, once every fortnight. They help the resident’s to get involved in various activities that keep them active. It is lovely to hear our residents singing along with Motivation and Co. to songs that they remember. I would definitely recommend them as they do not stop from the minute they get into the minute they leave, filling the time with stimulating activities that help the residents bond together.

    James K from Stella HouseLeeds & Wakefield
  • Very highly recommended, we have a wonderful lady called Emma that comes and does our sessions which is so popular with our clients that we have increased the frequency of the visits, Emma brings lots of things for the session and the classes are never the same, keeping the clients motivated and interested and including everyone.

    Michelle Holliday from Kirklees Care HomeDoncaster
  • Highly recommend this service…brilliant fun, gets everyone involved and improves social skills and individuals well-being and reduces the risk of people becoming isolated and bored Residents feel involved and it really lifts the mood of the home…. Janet is amazing and always makes an effort to remember resident names and is particularly good with those residents that have memory impairments ie dementia We all look forward to our fun Friday sessions.

    Rachel Wallace from Lavender CourtYork
  • I would just like to recommend Neil who delivers our Motivation class, He visits us twice a week and all our residents love to join in with his varied activities and quizzes. Neil has got to know all of our residents individually and knows their capabilities, he does exactly what it says on the tin “motivates” Everyone looks forward to his classes.

    Alison Bedford from Peregrine HouseYork
  • I observed a Motivation & Co. class in Driffield and was very impressed with her delivery and empathy. I found the residents’ spirits at the end very uplifting. I would thoroughly recommend Motivation & Co.

    Tracey BatyYork
  • We have used Motivation and Co for a number of years. We are especially pleased the motivation class within our home. Our Residents who live here look forward to her class every fortnight. The class is well planned and provides lots of fun and stimulation for our Residents. I would have no hesitation in recommending Motivation and Co to other homes.

    Diane Moughan from Riccall House Care HomeYork
  • Motivation & Co has been visiting us for a couple of months now after our previous armchair exercise lady left us. From session one it was easy to see that we had made the right choice, our residents are visibly enthused, entertained and are all genuinely enjoying every minute of the sessions. We have been able to introduce this session to lots of new residents who didn’t like the armchair exercise session before, as they found it too loud and boisterous. The motivational therapist is calm and kind, has a great way of including everyone into every session, the mental games are always very well received, the gentle exercise is manageable by all our residents (even those with very late stage dementia) and they make everyone feel supported, included and to be totally truthful special, a nice touch is that they make the effort to remember everyone’s names and finds out a little about them which she then refers back to regularly. The price of each session is excellent for the amount of session you get and I would have absolutely no problems recommending Motivation & Co to anyone who is looking for a gentle but rewarding session for your care home. We have lots of comments after each session but the main theme of each one is ‘When is the next session!’ Thank you Motivation & Co and thank you Janet for being the lovely person you are x

    Jen Cammidge from ArmanaYork
  • Motivation & Co. visits The Hall every two weeks, our residents look forward to there motivation sessions and they always manage to get everyone involved and smiling. After the sessions our residents talk about what they did in the session and are often still singing the songs later in the day. The Motivational therapists are always very friendly and make our residents feel comfortable in taking part in the session.

    The Hall Care HomeYork
  • We have used Motivation & Co. for over two years now and have never been disappointed with the service we get from them. They provide a very well structured activity session that provides both mental and physical stimulation. The instructors are able to adapt to all levels of ability which ensures that all participants engage at the level they want to. The instructors are always courteous and professional in the way they present both the activity session and themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending Motivation & Co. to any residential environment.

    Iain Hunt from Boroughbridge Manor Care HomeYork
  • Motivation & Co visits us once a month and the residents look forward to their visits, the therapist keeps the whole group occupied and entertained throughout the visit, the activities are both complimentary to physical and mental health and is a wonderful motivator, I highly recommend this and I think I speak for all the residents who take part in these sessions as well.

    Angie Tate from Silver BirchesYork
  • Our residents at Meadowfield Lodge in Bridlington enjoy their monthly visit from Motivation all the residents join in and interact really well, I would recommend Motivation to any care home.

    Alison Nyari from Meadowfield LodgeYork
  • As the General Manager of a group of 7 homes I regularly visit our homes and witness the Motivation team at work. Their interactions with our residents are superb, and the response from the Residents is always positive. The motivation team always include as many residents as possible and engage them each individually. The therapists are trained with an amazing memory for names and remembers them all so well. They will also make a fuss of new residents and introduce themselves and the activities planned. I would have no hesitation in recommending this team to other care homes.

    Carol Hancock from The Hexon GroupYork
  • The motivation classes are held here every 2 weeks and the residents thoroughly enjoy every minute. The instructor, has a wonderful bubbly personality and interacts with all of the residents, encouraging them to participate at a level comfortable for them. To quote a resident “she brightens up a couple of hours!”.

    Katie Walker from Summer Court HallYork
  • The residents at Scarborough Hall love the Motivation team. They are very enthusiastic and bring the best on the residents. I highly recommend the motivation team and the program used is very clever and well delivered. Money well spent!

    Scarborough Hall Care Home SYork
  • Motivation & Co. York has been visiting Stoneleigh Home for 4 years and during that time has become an integral part of our home. Our ‘Extended Family’ of twelve resident’s, look forward to Motivation’s visits every week as their bubbly characters and obvious enthusiasm for the class they deliver is highly infectious, and lifts the whole atmosphere of our home. This valuable contribution is never taken for granted and the sessions not only enrich the body, but also the mind, and improve the quality of life of our resident’s! The resident’s at Stoneleigh enjoy the mental stimulation of the quizzes, with the mantra being “IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT”, and also the physical element and positive effect it has on their bodies and subsequent mobility. They make time for each individual, and ensure the classes are person-centred, meeting the needs of all our resident’s. I cannot underestimate the all round positive effect the class has on our home and it’s resident’s, and we are lucky to have Motivation as part of our team! Dale Greenaway Managing Director/Home Manager

    Dale G from StoneleighYork
  • We are a family run Nursing Home and Motivation & Co. visit us every week. We highly recommend Motivation & Co. Our residents look forward to their regular visits and everyone is encouraged to get involved. The sessions are well organised, very accommodating and enjoyable with something for all to participate in. Thank you!

    The Old Vicarage Care HomeNottingham
  • Motivation have been coming to our home for over a year the residents look forward to them coming as do the relatives it’s not just exercise it is so much more the interaction with the residents is fantastic they give so much value for money if you have not had these people please give them a go I would recommend them they include everyone and are able to work with dementia clients helping to keep everyone fit and healthy working mind and body. As you can see if we did not like them we would not have had them so long.

    Sue llewellyn from Eden LodgeNottingham
  • Our residents always look forward to visits from Motivation & Co. The sessions are both physically and mentally stimulating, as well as being great fun. Each session usually includes an interactive quiz, a sing-along and some chair-based exercise so there is something for everyone. The sessions always give our residents a boost – our Motivation & Co representative is great with everyone and it is lovely to see the residents getting involved and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Motivation & Co have become an integral part of our activity programme and our residents get an enormous amount out of their visits – as soon as one session ends, residents start asking when the next session will be!

    Sue W from Falcon HouseNottingham
  • Motivation & Co. is an excellent company. We have been with them from the beginning and could not imagine using anyone else, they are a fantastic team and are very well liked by the residents and the staff. The residents enjoy their visits a lot and always look forward to seeing the team, they keep our residents very entertained and always make them laugh, they also have a great selection of activities which means that no visit is ever the same so I would highly recommend using Motivation & Co.

    Mercy from Alexandra LodgeNottingham
  • We have motivation come into Broadlands once a month to entertain our residents. They work very well with our residents and they all enjoy it and look forward to the next time motivation come in.

    Sara K from BroadlandsNottingham
  • Motivation attend our home on a monthly basis to provide a stimulating fun session both physically and mentally. Our residents enjoy the sessions very much and look forward to our Motivation co-ordinator coming to the home as part of Barnby Court’s activities programme. The company are professional and always provide a great session, attend as scheduled and our residents seem to have great fun and always want to join in with the sessions.

    Mags Greaves from Barnby CourtSouth Yorkshire
  • Motivation and Co are one off the best to do armchair exercise and quiz with dementia and residential clients. I thoroughly recommend them as they are friendly and kind with all our residents. They are very patient and caring. They also go out of their way to ensure that everyone can join in.

    Carole Brown
  • Motivation & Co visit our Home once a month and the Residents look forward to their visit. They are highly entertaining with their sing a longs, games and quizzes, to mention a few. It is not too physical for our Residents and extremely enjoyable.

    Jackie Hodgkinson
  • We have a motivation session every other week. Residents love the different activities on offer and all join in. Polite courteous workers with a good understanding of age related problems. Affordable and reliable, good communication via head office, would highly recommend this service.

  • Highly recommend Motivation & Co. residents always join in with the activities which are both mentally and physically stimulating. Activities vary from chair based to musical (sing a longs) to general knowledge questions etc.

    Janice Wragg
  • I have worked at Sunrise for five and a half years and David and his Motivation & Co sessions have taken place every other week during this period. We have David come to reminiscence community (Dementia) and to assisted living on each visit. He is one of the most popular activities that we have at Edgbaston. David has built a great relationship with the residents and makes a point of getting to know their names, so that they feel valued when he involves them in the variety of activities that he delivers. I have heard residents say, that 'its good fun' in this session, as they do a small amount of so many different activities: they look forward to this session with anticipation as to what is expected from them. The music quiz is really popular, but David himself has built this successfully as he has a personality that the residents enjoy and is a dab hand at delivering some of the worst jokes on the planet. I would recommend the Motivation & Co. sessions as the balance of fun and actually achieving movement, getting the brain thinking and coordination are all in the one session without the residents being aware of what they are achieving.

    Pauline Griffiths Activities & Volunteer Assistant Sunrise Senior Living EdgbastonSouth Birmingham
  • The residents at Ardenlea Grove nursing home really look forward to their fortnightly Motivation & Co class with David. They find the activities that he does with them very interesting as the tend to vary quite a lot (you wont have two sessions the same and they also admire his sense of humour as he comes up with some very funny jokes.

    Katya Dray Activities Assistant Ardenlea GroveSouth Birmingham
  • We have Motivation & Co. coming into the Care Home on a weekly basis and the residents thoroughly enjoy this. It works very well for those residents that do not go out of the home and have no visitors. Arden Lodge always tries to make it a nice environment for them to come into and the staff sometimes joins in. It is a pleasure having these guys come into the home. A very well thought out hour from David.

    Arden LodgeSouth Birmingham
  • David Knowles has been bringing Motivation & Co. to Yew Trees sheltered housing complex for nearly seven years. The tenants enjoy the different quizzes, exercises and relaxation that David and his partner bring to each session. All the tenants that participate in the session really enjoy themselves and look forward to the next time. We thank David and co for the complete mind, body and soul experience.

    Caroline - Rayner HouseSouth Birmingham
  • David Knowles from Motivation & Co has been providing physical motivation for our elderly residents for seven years. Each session is made up of gentle exercise, music, quiz and games. The theme is varied and David takes time to get to know our residents who all enjoy the sessions. I would highly recommend Motivation & Co to any care manager looking for something a bit different to motivate and entertain the residents.

    Alexander House – Care ManagerSouth Birmingham
  • I would like to thank Daniel and Dan for the excellent time they gave to my Mother and other residents at Clyde Court on Wednesday 4th of October, they were amazing, and gave much joy to everyone, my Mum is partially sighted but they had her joining in with everyone. Their patience and kindness was wonderful, my Mum enjoyed it so much, as did all the residents. Please bring them back again, they were both very good, especially Dan, he was great fun singing and dancing for them, a real credit to the service you provide. Thanks again Yours faithfully, Peggy Oosthuizen

    Peggy Oosthuizen Clyde CourtSouth East Manchester
  • Our Local Authority Quality Monitoring team was recently visiting one of the homes we provide services to, looking at their activity provision. The manager shared our Evaluation Sheets (that we prepare after every session) and the inspection unit were very impressed. They very much liked the layout of your form and the fact that each resident is scored on their level of participation, and the fact that it is recorded exactly what activity has been done in the class structure section.

    West MidlandsWest Midlands
  • A Tuesday afternoon is a time that we always look forward to at Eridge House. Not only do our residents love their hour of motivation, also do the staff, relatives and all other visitors as it brings a great atmosphere to the home. Karen is always patient and goes out of her way to ensure that the sessions are tailored to each individuals needs so that everyone can join in. The residents love a combination of quiz questions, music, and singing! Each session is different, with varied activities to keep the residents interested and motivated. A session with Karen on a Tuesday afternoon is a perfect mid-week pick me up!

    Kent & East Sussex
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